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If you would like us to repossess your semi truck, trailer, or equipment, we require that you fax us the following documents:

1. Copy of the title for the item to be repossessed. If a title is not available we can accept a UCC filing, lease agreement or proof of ownership for the item to be repossessed.

2. A completed copy of our hold harmless agreement.

3. Any additional documents you think may assist us in expediting your truck repossession.

Please fax your documents to us at: Semi Truck Repossession Service

Once we receive your truck repossession assignment, one of our dispatchers will call you back to discuss your repossession assignment and ask you questions about where you think we will find your truck. We will then dispatch one of our repossession service agents to repossess your truck. We will then notify you once we have repossessed your truck.
Truck Repossession Service

For a description of a UCC filing, please see our UCC filing page.

Please feel free to call Truck Repo regarding any of your truck repossession or equipment repossession needs. We are ready to repossess your truck or equipment today. Truck Repossession Services
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